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Former student of the “Hysen Çela” vocational high school is now a ship captain in the Port of Durres/ September 9th 2022

Maritime professions are offering more employment opportunities to those who are choosing marine careers. Such is the case of Enzo, whom after completing his education at the “Hysen Çela” vocational high school, is now the captain of a commercial fishing vessel in the Port of Durres. Durres Port Authority in close cooperation with public and private educational institutions is currently promoting the seafarer and marine careers aiming to meet the demands that this sector has for young professionals and maritime experts. The Center of Excellence for Maritime Affairs is serving as a strong supportive and auxiliary catalyst for the national vision of the maritime sector, which is currently undergoing a radical transformation. The sector is a major instrument for the socio-economic development and international competitiveness in a changing world thus it is an essential part of our national trade which demands the guarantee of the future generation of marine professionals as well as their careful management to ensure its long-term sustainability especially for the implementation of the new port projects.

Captain Enzo is one of them, whom today calls for youngsters who aspire to work in maritime:


Durres Yachts and Marina/ Signing Ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding/ 10 August 2022

On August 10, 2022, in the “Map Hall” of the Prime Minister’s Office was held the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding for the „Durres Yachts and Marina“ project, between Mr. Mohamed Ali Rashed Alabbar, chairman and representative of “Eagle Hills Real Estate Development“ Ltd and Mr. Erlis Hereni, CEO and representative of “Albanian Seaports Development Company”, shareholding company owned by the Durres Port Authority established to support the progression of the project implementation.

At the end of last year, by Decision No. 14/6, dated 02.12.2021, this project, which includes the development and urban reinstation of a substantial part of the city of Durres, the construction of a modern marina, as well as residential spaces and services of a high end  coastal tourism, was evaluated as a strategic investment, provided that the parties meet designated terms and agree with specific conditions and responsibilities through a negotiation procedure which is currently under finalization.

Pursuant to Law 55/2015 „On Strategic Investments in the Republic of Albania” and CMD no. 1030, dated 16.12.2015, “Eagle Hills Real Estate Development“Ltd  has requested the government’s participation as a codevelepor and co-operative party in this project. Hence, through the Port Authority of Durres (DPA), the government established the “Albanian Seaports Development Company”, a joint-stock company, which will represent the interests of the Albanian government during the implementation of this investment.

In accordance with the prerequisites set by the Strategic Investments Committee, the „Albanian Seaports Development Company“  and “Eagle Hills Real Estate Development“ Ltd must establish a bilateral shareholding company with the sole purpose of project development and operation.

As we expect to conclude soon the negotiation phase, which will pave the way for the formal, technical and legal approval of the relevant acts, the Memorandum of Understanding determines the terms of cooperation between  parties in the preliminary phase, including but limiting to:

  1. Taking all measures for the promotion and implementation of the Project;
  2. The adaptation and preparation of appropriate and necessary infrastructural and environmental conditions to facilitate the implementation of the First Phase of Project Development;
  3. All preliminary actions necessary for the design and preparation of the architectonic project of the “Durres Yachts and Marina” Project;

Despite the latest media speculations, the property of the current Port has not been transferred yet into the investor’s ownership. By CMD No. 861, dated 29.12.2021, and CMD No. 494, dated 21.7.2022, the provision of the strategic investment for the “Durres Yachts and Marina” project implementation foresees a total area of 80.9 hectare, avoiding the interruption of the operation at the actual Port.

It is important to emphasize that the current port infrastructure (including quays, basin, channel, etc.) will continue to remain under state ownership, while the maintenance, new investments, expenses and services of the tourist marina will be under responsibility of the strategic investor through a special contract where the Government will continue to exercise its public and regulatory responsibilities in compliance with the legislation in force.

In 2020, the Albanian Government adopted an ambitious strategy for the maritime transport which includes a solid investment plan to support and improve port infrastructure across the country. Our strategy foresees moving cargo operation outside the urban areas and redeveloping the city’s port into a luxury marina for cruise ships and high-end tourist services. With the transformation of the current port and the construction of the new facilities in Porto Romano, we are establishing two ports under the same Port Authority, in line with the best practices of port development in the Northern and Western European countries.

Sea passenger statistics at the Port of Durres/ 27 July 2022

Since July 21st, ferries are offering double return sailings from Durres to the Italian ports of Bari and Ancona handling  the growth of incoming passengers during this high season.

26 boarding gates are currently made available to traveling passengers to and from the Port of Durres in order to cope with the passenger influx throughout these peak summer months.

According to official data from the Durres Port Authority over 18,248 passengers and 5,2289 vehicles have entered our country during July 21-25. 2022.

All public and private entities operating in the largest port of the country are fully engaged for the best management of the busy tourist season 2022.

The Port of Durres “Overcomes” Pandemic, volumes and revenues increase during 2021, January-December 2021

Processing of goods at the Port of Durres during 2021 has recognized significant growth, reaching almost the maximum utilization of the processing capacities, that this port provides in the current conditions, that of 5 million tons /year.

Referring to the official data from the Durres Port Authority, during the period January-December 2021 in the largest port in the country were processed 4,438,611 tons of goods, 9% more than in 2019, before the pandemic.

According to DPA statistical data, processing activity in four port terminals has increased comparatively with 2020, when anti-Covid restrictive measures were present, but also with the same period of 2019 and 2018, which respectively resulted in an annual financial statement of 3,881,976 tons in (2020), 4,072,543 tons in (2019) and 3,614,606 tons in (2018).

The growth of trade volumes is reflected in the increase of the DPA’s revenues, which for the year 2021 have reached 2,794,828,618 ALL or 48% more than 2019 and 12% more than in 2020.

While pre-tax profit has increased by 26.55%, compared to 2020 the Finance Division confirms the increase in revenues per square meter with 434 ALL/ m2 more, highlighting the well-management of port areas.

Effective management of revenues, liquidity and services are some of the indicators that have influenced this financial performance of one of the largest state-owned companies in the country. The Division of Finance and Administration at the Durres Port Authority announces that among the main factors that have influenced this economic-financial performance are:

– Tariff policies adapted to the regional and European market;

– Good administration of services in the Container Terminal;

– Liquidity management and rigorous management of debtors by ensuring an increase in revenue collection;

– Reducing the level of losses for water and energy expenditures for entities operating in the territory of DPA;

– Good administration of revenues versus expenditures in ALL and foreign currency.

REGATTA Conference “Towards a resilient, competitive and sustainable maritime sector in the Western Balkans” World Maritime Day – September 30, 2021 – Tirana, Albania/ 28 september

In the framework of the World Maritime Day, the Albanian Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, the Transport Community Secretariat and the Durrës Port Authority are hosting a regional conference on the development of maritime transport.

For the first time, European and regional stakeholders of maritime transport will gather in a dedicated conference, with the participation of several Transport and Infrastructure Ministers from the region, representatives from the European Commission, the World Maritime Organization, the European Seaports Organisation, leading Port operators in the Adriatic-Ionian region and civil society.

The World Maritime Day is an opportunity to mobilize political will and enhance mechanisms of regional cooperation for the sustainable development of maritime transport and multimodality in South-Eastern Europe, and more specifically in the Adriatic-Ionian area.

Regional stakeholders are committed to turning the maritime sector into a pillar of sustainable economic development, through investments and regulatory reforms. In order to achieve tangible results, it is important to seek effective collaboration in maritime transport between the EU and the Western Balkans and build coalitions for joint projects and initiatives.

The Conference proceedings will focus on three topics: Implementation of the Pan-European Transport Corridors and connectivity with the Adriatic coast; Ports as enablers of growth in the green transition – How to achieve sustainability through digitalisation and greening of Ports; Regional cooperation for the implementation of key infrastructure projects in the ambit of EU’s Economic and Investment Plan for the Western Balkans.

During the conference, the Regional Transport Community will also present the ” Action Plan for Waterborne Transport and Multimodality “, the result of joint efforts of the European Union and the countries of the region.

The conference will be held at the “Palace of Congresses” (Tirana), on September 30, 2021, at 10.00 am.

Contacts and Information for Albanian and foreign media:

Elitjona Doko, Durrës Port Authority: [email protected]

Kristijan Ležaić, Desk Officer for Waterborne Transport: [email protected]

United States Coast Guard assesses security compliance in Albanian Ports, values progress made in some areas/ September 6th 2021

In the context of increased cooperation with the United States of America in the fields of port and maritime security, from August 29 to September 4, 2021, a team of US Coast Guard experts have assessed the implementation of security measures and standards in major ports of our country.

The US delegation also visited the Port of Durres, to assess the implementation of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code), measures taken to prevent incidents in the port territory, basin, channel and its approach, security parameters in border crossings areas for passengers and goods and were closely acquainted with the port security structures and the personnel of our maritime administration.

In the rounds of meetings held with representatives from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, Durrës Port Authority and the General Directorate for Maritime Affairs, the USCG experts expressed their support for the work that Albania is doing for the development of ports and logistics infrastructure, as well as its efforts to harmonize maritime security standards in accordance with international conventions and codes.

Port of Durres CEO, Mr. Pirro Vengu, informed the USCG delegation on the development plans regarding port infrastructure in Durrës and Porto Romano, underlining that these investments will be accompanied by the improvement of port security systems and enhanced capacity building for port security officers and experts thanks to dedicated programs of the Center of Excellence for Maritime Affairs, recently launched by the Port of Durrës.

The USCG experts also visited the Port Security Operations Room as well as relevant security areas in the Passenger and Ferry Terminal in Durrës, where they valued progress made in increasing the security parameters whilst outlining necessary steps to improve and strengthen them even more. At the end of the visit, parties agreed to strengthen cooperation, in particular on projects of technical assistance, including cyber security, improving customs procedures in port areas and resume training of Albanian port security personnel in the US through the US Coast Guard visitor programs.

To the attention of the passengers traveling to Durres Port/ 31th august 2021

Starting from 6th September, all the citizens who enter the Republic of Albania must meet one of the following three conditions:

  1. Have a vaccination passport, where at least two weeks have passed from the date of full vaccination.
  2. Have a negative PCR test within 72 hours or a rapid antigen test within 48 hours.
  3. Have proof of passing Sars-Cov2 infection, which is valid for up to 6 months after healing.
    These rules are also valid for those citizens transiting through Albania.
    Children up to 6 years old are not subject to these rules.
    Albanian citizens who are residents in Albania, who return to Albania and do not have one of the above documents, must self-isolate for 10 days and inform the health authority to get a Covid test at the end of the isolation period.
    Only traveling passengers will be allowed to enter airport building, avoiding being accompanied by family members, friends and relatives. These passengers must strictly comply ëith the ëearing of the face masks, as recommended in the protocol of health safety measures.
    Thank you for your cooperation,

CEMA invites applicants for “Maritime English” language lecturer position/ 10 August 2021

In the pursuit of the ideals of excellence, standards and performance levels promotion of our staff as well as aiming the acquisition of professional skills that ensure high degree of efficiency and distinction, the Centre of Excellence for Maritime Affairs at Durrës Port Authority wishes to invite applications to fill the position of English language lecturer. The candidate should coordinate both a “Maritime English”terminology proficiency as well as general English competency with the purpose of developing outcome-based language assessments which are fully integrated into our institutions field of expertise. 

Professional English language qualification will be provided to Durrës Port Authority personnel at B1, B2 and C1 levels of proficiency.

 The purpose of this course is to provide our staff with vital, transferable knowledge and skills in areas such as:

• Marine Communication and Standard Maritime Terminology  

 • General knowledge on navigation, vessels and its engineering components; logistics; port security, maritime service systems etc

Job description

  • Organize and implement an instructional program exclusively designated for DPA employees that focuses on the acquisition of “Maritime English”, to assist them in their day-to-day tasks, performance and responsibilities.
  • Ensure a level of language acquisition proficiency for students in accordance with the STCW (Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping) Code.
  • Apart from general competence the curricula should incorporate the professional “Maritime English” modulations which will enable our staff to integrate maritime terminology into workplace duties.
  • Enable personnel to communicate and negotiate successfully with clients and port operators.

Criteria that applicants must meet:

  • Bachelor Degree (BA) in English Language; English as a Second Language, applied English Linguistics or Literature
  • Master of Science (SM) in English Language; English as a Second Language, applied English Linguistics or Literature, or equivalent required. A focus on university-level teaching is preferred.
  • The candidates should have very good indicators regarding their academic achievements during both levels of study (not below grade: 8 – Albanian educational system)
  • Have completed national and international certifications and training in the required field
  • Have scientific articles published in international journals.
  • Possess the necessary qualification in accordance with the module or curriculum, for which they will be employed as certified trainers such as: diplomas or references of university-level professional experience;
  • Must have 10 plus years of work experience in the relevant field;
  • Have the ability to present and transmit accurate and clear information to participants;

All interested candidates must submit the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • University diploma and transcript (diplomas, which have been obtained abroad, must be accredited in advance by the “Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth”; Copy of education certificate attested by a notary
  • Copies of relevant qualifications and training documents, attested by a notary as well as publications and participation in scientific conferences;
  • Copy of your work experiences certificate
  • Copy of ID card, or any other identification document;
  • Police Clearance Certificate of the appointee issued by the Judicial Status Office
  • Detailed draft program on the training subject or module with the relevant curricula as well as the selected literature for the respective programme of study.

 Note: The deadlines for document submission is 18.08.2021

Documents should NOT be submitted by hand.The documentation must be submitted only by post to the following address:

Durrës Port Authority,

Lagjia 1, “Rruga Tregtare”


DPA/ To the attention of passengers traveling to Italy/ 30.07.2021

📍Starting from July 31, 2021, the Albanian citizens are allowed to travel from Albania to Italy for tourism purposes(having to self-quarantine for 5 days).

⬇️Kindly find below the required conditions:

📍passengers who have been fully vaccinated with EMA (the European Medicines Agency) recognized vaccines, namely Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson.
📍if the passenger is not vaccinated or if he/she does not have a complete vaccination cycle, he/she must present the result of a PCR test 72 hours before departure or the antigenic examination performed less than 48 hours before departure.
📍children under the age of 6 years old do NOT need a PCR test.
📍persons who stay less than 120 hours in Italy for proven work, health or emergency related reasons, are not required to quarantine.
📍passengers must respect the 5-day quarantine in Italy at the address indicated on the PLF (Passenger Locator Form).
📍every passenger traveling from Italy to Albania, must fill in the self-declaration form.
📍when completing the PLF form, passengers MUST choose: the list of seats “D”.

These rules are in force until August 30, 2021.

Thank you for your collaboration,

⚓️Durres Port Authority⚓️


On September 22nd 2020 EFINTIS project was officialy launched as partnership gathered in an online Kick-off meeting. The 18-month project officially started on 1 July 2020. and is funded from Interreg IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro Programme. Partnership consortium of EFINTIS Project consists of: Port of Bar – Lead Partner (MNE), Albanian Institute of Transport (ALB), Southern Adriatic Sea Port Authority (ITA), Durres Port Authority (ALB) and Autonomous Agency for Hospitalty and Tourism of Termoli (ITA). The budget of EFINTIS Project is 1 075 500 €. 

The main reason for lanching EFINTIS project is the increasing need for better connection of transport subjects in the region. Keeping in mind the current unfortunate state caused by the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, it is now more important than ever to develop ICT solutions and to harmonize them with EU standards and requirements so the transport flow remains unharmed by this situation. 

This first official meeting represented an opportunity for partners to get to know one another, discuss all project activities, current situation and expectations, and agree on deadlines, main project course of action and other technicalities. 

The LP Port of Bar gave an opening introduction in all project’s work packages and main Programme rules. It is agreed by entire partnership to already start with communication activities, to spread the word and to introduce EFINTIS project to general public. Social media networks will be launched and host partners’ websites will promote EFINTIS project. 

The Partnership used this opportunity to clear the ambiguities, to exchange information and to begin with implemenattion of EFINTIS project.

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