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Quay nr.4 facilities allocated for nautical tourism July 16th 2020

Tourist and recreational vessels visiting the city this summerwill be accommodated at quay nr.4, which is the central mooring area in the Durres Port basin. 

In recent weeks there has been a significant increase in the number of yachts anchored in the largest port of the countrywhich additionally to the fuel supply and port services, the General Maritime Directorate has decided to allow touristsand crew members to also visit the city. 

According to the DPA Operational Service up to 15 yachts and recreational vessels can be currently moored along quay nr 4.

The Western Terminal staff and the port diving team have already joined efforts in offering the necessary facilities and providing quality service for dry land tourists, crews and yachtsmen during their stay through several readjustments made which integrate a hosting marina space into quay nr 4.

Concrete blocks have been positioned several meters underwater which can be easily removed when needed to facilitate other port operations and activities. Since the beginning of this year, 40 yachts and recreational vessels have anchored in the largest port of the country.

Gradual restart of passenger maritime transport and exclusive measures for the tourist season June 24th. 2020

A coordinative meeting between representatives of law enforcement agencies and private maritime transport operators was held in Durres Port Authority premises.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Customs Directorate, Durres Port Authority, Border Police, as well as representatives of private maritime operators.

The importance of health protocols’ strict implementation regarding Durres Port entry/exit regimen was in focus of the meeting. The Durres Port Authority CEO Mr. Pirro Vengu emphasized the imperative for intensification of health monitoring procedures for all passengers who will enter/exit through the Port of Durres in coordination with the DPA Health Protection Department.

Health and safety of crews and personnel as well as personal protective equipment (PPE) provision in order to promote personal hygiene in the work settings remained a leading priority of discussions.

Attendees also discussed on the implementation and entry into effect of the new detailed plan during the tourist season, revised with a new entry/exit regimen and increased vigilance in prevention of the #Covid-19 outspread , in line with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection guidelines and recommendations.

Important Notice: International passenger maritime transport in Albania will restart on June 22, the Albanian Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy (MIE)

The ministry announced that together with the General Maritime Directorate it is working to enable the gradual and safe restart of international passenger maritime transport in Albania.

According to the ministry, the whole process is focused on guaranteeing the safety of passengers’ health, strictly fulfilling all safety protocols approved by the Health Ministry, based on the guidelines of international bodies.

Taking into consideration the requirements of licensed operators in passenger maritime transport and the European Commission statement dated June 11th. 2020, on the gradual lifting of travel restrictions starting from July 1st. 2020, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy announces that starting from Monday, June 22nd. 2020, all international passenger transport lines willbe permitted.

Due to the current circumstances, the responsibility will be on the international passenger maritime transport companies, which must take the necessary steps to enable ferry booking to/from the Ports of the Republic of Albania.

“International maritime passenger transport companies will also be responsible for informing passengers about possible restrictions on departures from the Albanian ports to the intended destination, as well as the rules of health care and safety at the destination place,” the ministry said.

The General Maritime Directorate will monitor the implementation of all measures as well as the action plan for the implementation of the obligations provided in the Maritime Transport Operation Protocol approved by Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy Order No.169, dated June 5th. 2020.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy together with the General Directorate of Maritime Affairs and Maritime Ports are fully committed in taking all the necessary measures to ensure safe navigation without compromising the health safety of the maritime passenger maritime transport employees.

What is “Day of the Seafarer”

Every June 25th of the year, The Day of the Seafareris celebrated globally to pay tribute to the millions of seafarers in the world for their vital contribution to the international seaborne trade, the world economy and civil society.

Day of the Seafarer

“Day of the Seafarer” is an official United Nations international observance day organized by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), it is observed annually to recognize the unique and all-too-often overlooked invaluable contribution seafarers make to the world and the well-being of all of us often at great risk and personal cost to themselves and their families.

Brief history

During the Manila amendments which adopted major revisions to the “International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers” (STCW) and its associated CODE in June 2010, the Diplomatic Conference agreed that the unique contribution made by the seafarer to the international trade should be acknowledged and marked annually with a “Day of the Seafarer”.

The date chosen was 25 June on which the day the amendments were formally adopted.

It was first celebrated in 2010.The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has taken the form of online campaign using the social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube to garner support and asked every people on the globe to say “Thank you Seafarers”.

The campaign 

The campaign is designed to be both educational and inspirational. The day is an opportunity to educate the public and the world about the issues facing the modern-day-seafarer such as piracy. But most importantly it is the occasion for us to send our respect and gratitude to all seafarers.

Port today/ Starting the week with seven vessels in process and over 15 thousand tons of cargo expecting to be handled in the coming hours. June 15th 2020

Seven freight carriers are being processed thismorning in the Port of Durres, while another four merchant ships are expecting to commence discharging cargo in the next few hours. 

According to the DPA Info Center reports, this Monday seven freight vessels are being handled in three Cargo Terminals, one of which carrying 300 container PCs. Referring to the same source, over 17 thousand tons of goods such as cement, iron,nutriments and scrap unloading operations are currently in progress from the aforementioned ships.

In the meantime, another four commercial vesselshauling over 15 thousand tons of various cargo such as glass, coal, urea and scrap are presently waiting at anchorage expecting to proceed with berthing anddischarging operations at the country’s largest port quays.

DPA Statistics / Over 1,532 thousand tons of freights handled in the course of the first five months, indicating an increase of 10% in merchant ships processing rates/ June 15th 2020

According to the DPA Statistics Department analysis, a significant increase of 10% is reflected in merchant ships processing volumes, accordingly in the Western and Eastern Terminals have been handled 165 cargo vessels carrying over 651 thousand tons of various freight categories.

In the interim, a decrease of 20% is indicated in the overall ferry freight rates while the container traffic volumes dropped by 14% – a considerable abatement largely attributed to the depletion in routes frequencydue to the Covid-19 pandemic traffic restrictions.

The DPA Statistics Department inferes that the total volume of goods hauled by 500 cargo vessels in the largest port of the country during the first five months of the year reached 1,532  million tons.

DPA / Over 105 thousand tons of wheat processed in the first 5 months of 2020, leading to a 74% increase against 2019 June 10th 2020

Wheat has been one of the principal  agricultural commodities handled over the first five months of this year in Durres Port. According to statistics over 105 thousand tons of grain have been handled at the Western Terminal during  January-May 2020.

As reported by the DPA Statistics Department a consistent growth of 74% in  grain processing rates is reflected comparable to the same period January-May of the previous year.

In the course of these five months, 27 wheat bulk carriers have been handled at the Durres Port Western Terminal,13 of which were processed during April 2020.

In addition to mobile funnel flows, grain discharging operations are being carried out in 5 silos installed at the No. 2 pier of the country’s largest port.

During the first five months of the preceeding year over 60,166 tons of wheat were processed in the Port of Durres.

The British Embassy strengtheningcooperation with Durres Port June 9th 2020

The Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the Republic of Albania, H.E. Mr. Duncan Norman MBE., paid an official visit today to the Port of Durres, where he was received by the head of Durres Port Authority, Mr. Pirro Vengu. During the meeting, the ambassador was offered an extensive overview on the port operational capacities, coping with the #Covid19 pandemic situation as well as its economic impact.

Durres Port Authority, CEO Mr.Pirro Vengu, informed the ambassador on the latest reforms undertaken in the country’s largest port emphasizing the vital role of the Port Authority in facing the state of national emergency by providing stable logistic capacities in terms of freight transport during this period of crisis. 

In addition Mr. Vengu stressed the steps taken by the Durres Port Authority to benefit from the expertise of some of the main international agencies, focusing in the coordination of legal grounds and law enforcementactivities in port areas.

Assessing positively the initiatives on successful stewardship and port administration practices, Ambassador Norman pledged the United KingdomEmbassy’s commitment in offering the British Agencies’ expertise in the field of integrated border management.

In conclusion the British delegation enjoyed a tour at the Western and the Container Terminals, where they got acquainted with the port infrastructure as well as potential investment prospects in terms of operational capacity expansion and enhanced service facilities.

Despite ferries freight-only operation, an increase in waterborne freight volumes is recorded compared to April 2020 June 8th. 2020

Since the general suspension of all passenger traffic, the ferry terminal has modified its services by carrying only freight onboard sustaining the country’s supply chain.

Referring to statistics, a progresive increase in truck and trailer numbers as well freight processing volumes is reported from April to May 2020.

According to the DPA Statistics Department, the rapid decline in ferry traffic volumes, with only 31 routes executed to/from Durres during April, is attributed to the passengers’ traffic disruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ferry terminal moved over 44,000 tons of freight and 3,344 trailers and trucks during April, representing a sharp decrease against the country’s largest port estimation of typical travel patterns Meanwhile, an increase in truck volumes as well as sailing figures reaching a total of  38 ferry routes, is indicated during May. Over the past month, ferries have transported 5,445 trucks and trailers with an estimated 69,000 tons of waterborne freight,which is higher than the previous month

Port today / Four ships being proccesed and 5 ships reported en route June 5th , 2020

The processing of a container ship has been completed this morning in the Durres Port quay nr.6 while the unloading operations of four other ships are still in progress.

The DPA Info Center reports that the aforementioned ships are anchored at the Western Terminal’s quays 1 to 5 and they are currently unloading an estimated 12,176 tons of freight.

The processing of dry bulk cargo such as wheat, glass and iron is carried out by three stevedoring teams and 6  electric cranes.

Reportedly, during the next 48 hours another 5 merchant vessels hauling over 20 thousand tons of freigh such as cemet and scrap are expected to berth the quays of the largest port of the country.

Since the beginning of 2020, a total of 114 merchant ships have been handled  at the port’s western docks.